Month: February 2017

Local Cosmetic Surgeons

Local Cosmetic Surgeons

In the 1990s cosmetic surgery was only beginning to make an entrance into urban society with breast augmentation and rhinoplasty being the most popular options. In 2017, cosmetic surgery is a common factor for people in contemporary society. Dr. Goldman is one of the premier cosmetic surgeons in Westlake, OH.

It is a craze that seems to be growing in size and obscurity across the globe. Nowadays, ‘boob jobs’ and ‘nose jobs’ are common procedures with even adolescents increasing their breast size as soon as they are of legal age. While many individuals may find cosmetic surgery detrimental to the patients, there are various benefits of cosmetic surgery. This article will discuss the different advantages to cosmetic surgery procedures.

  1. Increase Sense Of Confidence

One of the greatest advantages of cosmetic surgery is the return or gaining, of confidence to the patient. It is often the case, particularly among females, that the individual will feel a boost of self-esteem after undergoing a cosmetic procedure. For example, a person who would feel ashamed or embarrassed about their weight would feel more confident when they can wear smaller clothing and “look like everyone else”.

It should also be noted that patients who have undergone procedures for weight loss, in particular, find themselves increasing efforts for exercise and diet control. Statistics have shown that these individuals are far more likely to take control of their weight gain because they wish to retain the new-found sense of self-esteem. If they do not, they know the weight gain will return.

  1. Limited Side Effects And Scarred Tissue

Lipodissolve therapy is a popular form of cosmetic surgery that involves the removal of extra fats from the body on a permanent basis. The use of this procedure is one of the benefits of cosmetic surgery because it has limited side effects, limited scarred tissue, and a small recovery period. This technique is typically used for patients who are severely overweight and need assistance in losing the weight or as a means of removing fat from specific areas in the body.

Another reason why Lipodissolve therapy can be highly advantageous is that it can be obtained quite easily because it is a relatively simple procedure. Furthermore, it is less costly than other procedures including rhinoplasty.

  1. Reduced Amount Of Bruises

Contrary to the popular belief that cosmetic surgery procedures result in bruising, the advancement of technology has reduced bruising dramatically. It is now seen that the majority of procedures can be conducted using laser tools; thus, removing the need for rough-hands work. In fact, 72-hour facelift procedures can also be completed with minimal bruising due to the new technology available for cosmetic surgery.

  1. Minimal Risk Factors

While it is still recommended that one discuss all the pros and cons with a cosmetic surgeon beforehand examining potential individual risk factors; the number of risk factors in cosmetic procedures has been reduced. Minor threats of swelling, redness and some bruising are possible, but new technology is reducing the amount of these issues as year’s progress. Once again, it is important to discuss risk factors with a medical professional to avoid any internal bleeding or problems in surgery.